‘Let’s Fix Science’ was established as a think-tank platform for the discussion and proposition of solutions to the issues that face scientists and research in the modern day. We are a collection of current and former PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers from a range of biological backgrounds, each having clocked many hours in multiple laboratories.

Posing the same question to apanel of ‘Brains’ allows us to investigate common points raised upon which the Brains agree, and perhaps more interestingly, upon which they disagree. Having multiple responses allows us to eliminate what may be subjective experiences based on context (i.e tools, project, supervision, institution) and thus draw conclusions that are less clouded by personal experience. In this way, we collectively present solutions to issues that are highlighted by a panel member or reader as a team. If two brains and better than one, how good are six?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are responses anonymised?

The panel members’ responses are anonymised to remove any bias that a reader may have (known or unknown). By removing any identity from a solution, one can read responses objectively.

What is the process?

  • A ‘Brain’ presents a perceived problem, failing or issue in science, and sets this out in question format for the rest of the panel
  • This question is posed to the panel of ‘Brains’
  • Each ‘Brain’ independently prepares their response in no more than 500 words
  • Responses are anonymised and posted on LetsFixScience.uk
  • A meta-analysis piece is prepared by a third-party to identify which points the panel independently raise, and perhaps more interestingly, which points are disagreed upon
  • Meta-analysis of responses allows us to identify which issues are likely to stem from subjective experience, and further which solutions are commonly presented

Can I become a contributing ‘Brain’? 

Sure, send us a little bit about you to: hello@letsfixscience.uk

We are always looking for more contributors, especially those from non-biological backgrounds.