Dr. Davor Ivankovic, founder and brain panel member. I studied neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin before my PhD in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience at UCL. I am currently a postdoctoral research associate, working on the mechanisms of recycling in neurons with a particular interest in the axon.



James Drew jr. I’ve studied neuroscience for roughly 6 years now, initially through an undergraduate in Natural Sciences at Kings College, Cambridge and more recently during a PhD at UCL. My research focuses on the role of cell motility during normal brain development and in the etiology of psychiatric disorders.




Oh hi, I’m Ione. Look at this view, wow.




Hey I’m Christian, I also smile. Look at my smiling and this sunset, wow.





Oh hey it’s Dr. Edel Hennessey, here I am.




Oh hi, it’s Dr. Anna Graca. Black and white for impact.




Oh hi, I’m Dr. Frederico Schwallerling. My watch strap smells weird, seriously.